Tanning Tips


Exfoliate your body thoroughly, paying extra close attention to the knees, ankles, tops of feet, elbows and hands. The smoother your skin the more even the tan and longer it will last.

Hair Removal

Hair removal should be done after exfoliation to minimize irritation. Shaving should be done 8 hours prior to your tanning appointment or a day or two after your tan. If shaving a day or two after your tan use a new sharp razor. Waxing needs to be done a day or two before to minimize irritation. Waxing will remove the color as the tan is only on the surface of the skin.

Skin Prep

Skin should be free of make-up, deodorants, moisturizers, perfume or oils and body sprays. NO using Dove soap or body wash before or during your spray tan.

What To Wear

Wear loose dark clothing to prevent and bronzer rubbing off on your clothes and to prevent and constricting clothing from causing you to sweat your tan off before it has a chance to develop. It depends on your comfort level as to what you wear while getting tanned. You can wear an old bra and panties or a bathing suit however there will be some cosmetic bronzer that will rub off on them. The solution washes out of most fabrics just fine;  however, it is not recommended to wear silk or satin. Also be careful on leather seats and furniture. 

Post Tanning Care



Make sure you wait to shower at least 6-8 hours. Unless using the express solution you shower in 2 hours for a light, 3 hours for a medium or 4 hours for a dark.


Stay away from any activity that causes you to sweat until the tan has developed (6-8 hours) and the bronzer has been rinsed away. Pay close attention to using water and avoid splashing water on your arms until after showering. Do NOT moisturize until after showering.